Ethos X


We formed in 2014 to Bring in Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger M.R.K.T -


M.R.K.T. is about the thriving urban streets of the world, where creativity radiates, unconventional ideas are tested, and uniqueness is encouraged.

The brand was founded in 2010 by a Harvard trained architect as a way to challenge conventional fashion trends. By creating bags and accessories inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure forms derived from function, structure, and experimental geometry, our aim is to push the boundaries of design and function.

The products are designed very similarly to how an architect would design a building. They are conceptual, practical, versatile, and very clean. Inspiration comes mainly from architectural practices mixed with classic bag design.
SMRT* FELT - 100% recyclable, made by a leading German manufacturer.
CANVAS - we use naturally dyed premium cotton canvas. It's pure and 100% bio-degradable.

PU (VEGAN LEATHER) - our high quality synthetic leather is maintenance free, lightweight and animal friendly.
TPU - TPU is a special translucent (slightly frosted), waterproof resin certified to be 100% biodegradable after disposal.
MCROFIBER - we use microfiber SMRT* suede (faux), with threads 20x finer than silk, resulting in a premium look that is highly durable and water resistant.
Distinctive patterns inspired by those found in the urban landscape are integrated into many of our designs using laser-cutting technology.