ChefGood -

' You are what you eat,' a simple truth that is the most significant thing that anyone has ever said or understood about food. For us at 'Chef Good', this saying is not a cliché, it is a manifesto!


I grew up in a family where my dad, a business entrepreneur, worked long hours and took few holidays. His work was his life. He had little interest in food, eating few vegetables and even less fruit and often skipping meals or eating 'on the hoof'. His work was all consuming, leaving no time for any real exercise.


Dad's business went from strength to strength but sadly his health deteriorated in middle-age. He started to have bouts of gout,problems with his arteries and high cholesterol. When he was 55, suddenly and shockingly he had a massive heart attack and died.


Believe me when something like that happens it has a huge impact on your life!

I was in my early twenties at the time, making my way in the world and trying to make sense of it all. The following years have made me re-evaluate my life-style to avoid the mistakes of the past and one of the issues that has concerned me most has been food.


Five years ago I was lucky enough to meet Michelle Sievwright and Susan McKay who already had a very successful delicatessen business in Melbourne called 'La Fayette'. I grew to know their family and spent many happy times with them. Their passion and knowledge about food from all over the world was infectious. The food they served at their table was the best I had ever had in my life!


We wanted to create a style of eating that was above all things, healthy and nutritious. We all believe that' when you put good in, you get good out'. If you eat foods that are fresh and packed with nutrients, your body will respond by being energised and healthy. So ' Chef Good' was created for this very reason.


Chef Good can deliver to you good, fresh,nutritious food which is also delicious and wholesome.