Branched is the sole distributor for the following products in Australia 

WeWood Watches-
Proof Wooden Eyewear -

Our core focus is to bring the Australian consumer new innovative products from around the globe, managing the importation, distribution, e- commerce, PR and Marketing enabling them to succeed in the Australian market

Competitiveness comes from the combination of the quality of a product and its price. Using us as a partner to distribute your products in Australia will allow you to have a single solid reference for a large territory and a competitive service. 

We supply an efficient and flexible structure for a distribution service that examines any and all peculiarities of the carried product. 

Our main target is to offer the best services for both wholesale distribution and e-commerce by eliminating any middlemen or extra costs typical of oversized companies.

Specialties:Sustainable product's, Innovative products, Unique products, Distribution, Importation, PR, Marketing, Sourcing funding, e-commerce