At 14, in the small town of Lymington, England, when my friends were discovering girls and playing video games, I was watching my father build wealth through business. He showed me the power of working SMART rather than working hard. He taught me how to dream big and leave a mark on the world. 

When he passed away suddenly in 2008, he left this legacy with me and it fuelled my passion for business and success. I knew at that point, my days working in a comfortable recruitment job were over and it was time for a new direction. I found myself compelled to jump on a plane to Australia and start something new. 

While working full-time to receive my permanent residency, I soul-searched for something that would truly make an impact on the world. With my values firmly planted in quality & sustainability, the idea of “Branched", an eco-friendly fashion company was born. 

I wore all the hats of the business and hustled my heart out for months but with my father’s legacy of “smart work” as my sword, my initial investment was repaid within three months and the business began making respectable profit. Since then, “Branched” has continued to grow at 300% year on year and has been featured in some of the most recognizable national publications, including GQ and Vogue and our products are stocked in 180 stores throughout Australia. It is a business which I have been proud to have nurtured and matured.

With “Branched” successfully running, I began yearning for the excitement of starting a new business. I realised how important good food and time were for my entrepreneurial lifestyle and the concept of “Chef Good” began. 'Chef Good' is a restaurant-quality, portion controlled, meal delivery service aimed at assisting the every-day busy person to live a healthy, nutritious life with a load of energy so they can go out and leave their own mark on the world!








Young Entrepreneur or the year 2014 finalist - Australian Start up awards
Start up of the year 2014 finalist - Australian Start up awards
Start up of the year 2013 finalist - Australian Start up awards